Foundation Zimbabwe

  1. We provide access to education to vulnerable children, young people and women
  2. We promote vulnerable children’s access to health and nutrition services
  3.  We promote economic empowerment of young people and women

Our Mission

Improving the quality of life for vulnerable children, women and girls


Our Vision

Communities with children and families accessing education, nutrition and provision of economic empowerment


Our work would not be possible without the assistance from our friends and partners both in Zimbabwe and internationally.

Our partners and donors include:

The following individuals, as well as numerous others, have been instrumental in the work of Foundation Zimbabwe:

        Elvis and Marta Gonzalez                                                                                     Captain Rainer Heufner  Evan Christophides, Anthony Haggie, Jo Craig
Sarah Blythe-WoodFreya Richie
Tammy Dykes
Natalie Detering
Brennan Seward
Andy Lowe
David Ryan
Ainsley Showalter