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The recognition that ECD is important and that we need to provide children with good quality preschools to give them a hope for the future has been realised in an article written in The Herald last month. We hope to be able to be a part of the advocacy for, and move towards, better standards of education for our children.

And we are ready to GO!!!!!

After a few whirlwind weeks of meetings and site visits, The Foundations Project, along with its new partner, The Child Resource Institute of Zimbabwe (CRIZ), joined the local government officials of the district of Mabvuku in a celebration lunch last Tuesday. The cause for celebration: we have finally been presented with a piece of land on which to build our project’s first preschool and community centre! There is MUCH excitement in the Foundations Project camp as we begin to draw up plans and gather together building materials for this venture.

Mabvuku is a peri-urban community about 20 minutes outside of Harare.  It is home to many of the poorest of the poor living in this country, a place that is made up of plots that have been bought but are empty due to the lack of funds to build any kind of structure or home on them.

The children hanging around the dirt roads are hungry and, in the winter weather that is upon us, cold.  However, they still manage a smile as they inquisitively sit watching us and wondering what we are doing as we ponder over the site and its possibilities.

We have the site plans in hand for our plot and are very blessed to have our friend, Kerry Van Leenhoff on hand as our resident architect to help draw up the plans for the buildings.  Our aim is to include the preschool as well as a facility in which training can take place, income generating projects can be carried out, caregivers and community members can participate in workshops and health care may be administered.  There will also be space for agricultural projects include a mushroom project and a poultry project.  As these plans are drawn up, we will begin to gather together the building materials needed to carry out this feat!

Yesterday, we had a fantastic meeting with the director of ICRI (The International Child Resource Institute), the parent body of our partner, CRIZ. He has travelled from the States to give training on ECD and to look at the ICRI projects around the world. He was very excited by our piece of land and subsequent to a visit to the site, we came up with many exciting ideas for how we can make the school and the centre as a whole and innovative building in which community members’ creativity can flow and they can be given a chance to dream big and to work towards the reality of those dreams.

We are looking for any form of building materials/resources for the centre that anyone may have lying around. With our fantastic design team on board, ANYTHING can be used and integrated into the buildings so if you have stuff cluttering up your lives or if you know of anyone who might be interested in coming on board to help with materials, please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you next time when we will have photos of foundations laid and all SORTS of activities taking place in the community of Mabvuku!
Help us to make a difference

It’s impossible not to make a difference. Every choice we make leads either toward health or toward disease; there’s no other direction. The question is not “How can I, one person, make a difference? The question is “What kind of difference do I want to make?”
~ Julia Butterfly Hill who spent over two years living in a tree, to save it from being cut down

We’re not asking you to live in a tree or a township or anything NEARLY as OTT! We are just asking you to help us to make a difference, in whatever way YOU want to do it.

To give you an example, a friend of the Foundations Project has found a great way to raise money for us. They have put together a clothes auction in which a group of friends come together for an evening of fun, a few glasses of wine and an auction of all their clothes that they do not wear anymore. Instead of shopping at Mbare Market, they shop in their friends’ cupboards in support of the children of Mabvuku!!!
There are many fun ways that you can get involved in making a difference! It’d be great to hear how you would like to get involved:)

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