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September 2017

Holidays again as we ramp up for the last term of 2017

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Tucking into our porridge at the CRC feeding container

We are having the most amazing time at the Caledonia Rose Centre, even though it is holiday time. We are feeding on average 290 children a day who still come to the centre to receive their daily meal. There are a few who have gone away or who do not come each day but it is wonderful to see all these smiling faces even though it is not school time. They have SUCH fun at the centre and love being there with each other and with their teachers, getting fed, being loved and having time to be children.

Happy smiley faces at school

We are so thrilled to be able to offer our children clean drinking water now that we have had our borehole drilled thanks to Impact International. We filled up our tank as soon as the borehole was pumping and held our breaths in anticipation. We had to let our breath out as we watched the tank tumble and fall to the ground, splitting into pieces. The stand was not strong enough and the water was too heavy for it. We were devastated as our children and volunteers had waited so long to be able to flush the loos and drink from the tap.

Devastation as our tank fell to the ground in pieces



However, thanks to Boost Africa, we were able to buy and install a new tank and it is with GREAT excitement that we can now flush the loos, drink clean water and offer water to those around us who don’t have access to it.

This water also allows our wonderful caretaker, Lameck, to work on our nutrition garden which is taking off. We have been kindly donated some seeds and Lameck has been hard at work in the garden, digging and planting and watering, with all his hard work paying off as our bright green, delicious veggies start peaking their heads out of the earth and into the world. Our children have had such fun watching this all happen as their teachers explain the process to them as the plants grow!!

Our smart new tank and stand being installed



And clean water pouring out of the borehole









Veggies growing in our nutrition garden for our lunch












Our skills development participants have a fantastic opportunity to show off their wares and we have a chance to tell others a bit more about The Foundations Project and all that we are doing. We have been invited to take part in the Kites for Peace exhibition at Cleveland Dam on 17 September. If you have a moment, it would be great for us to see you there. Come and support TFP and Zimbabwe Cares, a wonderful organisation that brings us all together and supports us in the work that we do. There are lots of fun activities to take part in and TFP looks forward to showcasing ourselves to all those out there!


Come and support the Kites for Peace event this Sunday at Haka Game Park