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December 2017

We wave goodbye to some of our friends at our annual Graduation and Christmas party

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This year, Christmas at TFP is definitely a special one. As we celebrate the last few weeks of change that has taken place in our country, we feel hope seeping through our bones. And as we look at the children who attend the Caledonia Rose Preschool and the Feeding Programme, we can start to see a future for them that is bright and exciting.  In the meantime, we are so grateful that we have been able to continue with our work this year and we are sad but also proud to bid farewell to little students as they graduate from our centre and go on to big school next year.

We had a most wonderful graduation and Christmas party on Tuesday  5 December, our 5th since TFP started, and thanks to our wonderful supporters, were again able to give each of our kiddies a pair of shoes to help them run into 2018 with joy and determination!!!

5 little angels get a new pair of shoes

292 children have received a pair of shoes this year thanks to Chisipite Junior School, Shane Stockil, Miranda Rivera, Jenny and John Ridgewell, Stacey Partridge and Mark Stonier and Bridget Donovan.

This year, we said goodbye to 41 children who have spent time at the Caledonia Rose site learning and playing and being loved and fed and treasured by our wonderful volunteers.  Parents came to celebrate the end of the year and our new director, Jess, made a wonderful speech.  There were certificates handed out to those who are leaving us and going to ‘big’ school next year and there was dancing and joy and delight as our children were each given lots of treats as well as their new pair of shoes.




Jess handed out certificates to all of those leaving the CRC this year

Mary and Joseph walking to Bethlehem

The children put on a nativity play, telling the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.  Each child had a part to play and they each did their part beautifully!

A few parents got up to give thanks to the staff at the Caledonia Rose ECD centre and one mother told the audience that she has never been to school but that her child has taught her a lot since she has been attending the CRC.  It is stories like these that show us that we can have an impact far greater than within the fence of our little school.



Ribbons and song made the day bright and fun

The narrator told the story of Mary and Joseph supported by his classmates

More songs and stories as the nativity play continues

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the wonderful year we have had this year.  With all that has been going on in Zimbabwe, we have managed to keep our heads above water and to keep our little centre going.  It is with thanks to the support from oall of you who have encouraged, shown interest, donated money or goods or time, that we have been able to keep feeding, teaching, playing and loving our precious little people who come to our centre every day.

Thank you to all of you for everything that you do for us at TFP and we so look forward to keeping you updated as we move into 2018 with hope and joy and anticipation in our hearts.

Parents attended to watch their children take part in the play and to graduate

Such a smart boy came to the party all dressed up to graduate and to have fun with his friends!

Parents, staff and children have a wonderful time dancing and having fun with each other

New leaders all round!!!!!

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TFP has been so busy over the last few months that we are hugely behind on our blog posts and we apologise for this.  But we are VERY excited to inform you of all that has been going on.  As Zimbabwe starts a new chapter with the celebrations that took place last week, our biggest news is that TFP is also starting a new chapter with a new leader.  We are thrilled to introduce you to our new Executive Director, Jess Lovemore, who has joined us as the leader of our organisation as of 1 November 2017.  Jess is a Zimbabwean through and through with a huge passion for the children of our country.  She has been working with children for a number of years now, starting her own ECD centre just outside Harare.  She brings with her vast experience in ECD as well as a love for children and people.

Our new leader, Jess Lovemore

Jess has already started to lead with passion and dedication.  She is supporting Martha and our ladies and gents on the ground to see the service that we offer improved day by day.  She has introduced a wonderful English teacher to the centre who has been to visit and has started teaching our volunteer teachers how to improve the English of our children.  She spends time with our volunteers, encouraging them and helping them with all that they need.

Our kiddies practising their English

We all recognise the importance of movement for our children’s development so they continue to learn through play and sport

Jess has driven our Christmas shoe project so well that we have shoes for all 300 children that we have supported this year as well as enough money to buy them treats for their graduation and Christmas party to take place next Tuesday 5 December 2017.

We look forward to sending out a new blog in the next few days after our graduation and Christmas party but for now, we just wanted to introduce Jess to you and to say thank you, Jess, for all the hope that you are bringing to TFP.  We so look forward to what 2018 brings for you and for all of us at TFP.  Here’s to a great year!!