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January 2018

A bright, fresh start to 2018 at the Caledonia Rose Centre

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We ended off 2017 on a great high with the arrival of our new director, Jess, our own graduation and Christmas party and then the MOST wonderful Christmas party thrown for us and many other organisations by Miracle Missions at Gateway School.  We had a day of fun eating delicious food, playing wonderful games, running and jumping with our friends on the slippery slide.  We wish to thank Miracle Missions for truly ending off our year with a bang!!

Delicious treats were handed out to us before we went on a water slide and played with all the other children

This year, we arrive back at school to a bright and cheerful playground.  Our wonderful volunteers from the community have been working hard to make new play equipment for us as we start the new year and we are so proud and grateful to them for the fantastic job that they have done.  They have used old bits and pieces that have been thrown away and have shown us that, with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, one can make use of something old to make something wonderful and new.  Thank you to those who care so much for our children that they work so hard and step out of the box to make our school and centre the place that it is.

Our veggie patch is growing so well and our children have been working on the veggies as well as other plants that they are learning to look after and nurture.  They are being taught to care for their environment through those who help them on this project and it is wonderful to see them so happy with their plants as they grow and blossom under their care.  The children are learning a great deal but they also teach us so much through the joy that they get in the little things in life.  Their ability to love and appreciate and truly rejoice in every little gift is a remarkable thing to see.  We are so grateful to them for the way that they remind us to live our lives.
















All of us at TFP are so excited about the year ahead.  We have a most wonderful team that works tirelessly to see that the CRC runs to the best of our ability and we have children coming to our centre who we love and cherish.  We have a most incredible space to offer hope and anticipation for the future and we are so looking forward to offering more and more through this space as the year continues.

We would love for anyone who is interested to be a part of our vision and our mission in Zimbabwe.  We welcome all those who want to get involved, in whatever way you wish, and our hope is that all those who get involved will have the same mission as us – a forward-thinking mission of making progress in what we can offer and in making it better and better every step of the way!!