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March 2018

What a bumper term – thanks to all our new friends!!!!

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We have had such a wonderful first term of 2018. We have welcomed new friends to our school to learn with us and we have welcomed lots of new visitors who have made our time at school so much fun.

Old friends and new at the CRC ECD Centre








Recently, we have had three especially great days of extreme fun and laughter with some very special visitors. On one of these days, Barbara from Sweat Nation came to join us and do activities with the children at the ECD centre and also with their caregivers on the skills development programme. She is going to be starting up a programme with the caregivers on self-defense and women’s empowerment and they are very excited to be taking part in this and learning from such a wonderful, vibrant woman.

But before she starts her programme with our caregivers, she gave the children a most wonderful day, running races and dancing with them. The teachers ran a race with her and Vimbai nearly beat her but Barbara was just too fast and she pipped her at the end! What a wonderful day it was for our teachers as they got to spend International Women’s Day with such an inspiring woman, a true example of how, with hard work and passion, you can reach your goals.

Kudzai teaches us how to move our hips and jump up and down and have a wonderful time! 

















Another inspirational woman, Chelsea Wilson, came to see us this term to take photos of the children and their school. She did sports with them and gave them a morning of fun and laughter while she photographed their joyful faces as they played and learned throughout the morning. Chelsea has been to visit us before and we were thrilled to see her again.  Please come back any time, Chelsea!!!

Joyful, happy children at the Caledonia Rose Centre

Last Friday, we had an absolutely FANTASTIC day at the centre!! We were visited by ProBeatz, SP the One Liner and Kudzai, the Dancer. We were amazed that we got to spend the day with three of Harare’s finest creatives working in the music, comedy and dancing world. They were joined by Mike Wall, Greg Amira, Lauren Norton and Kathleen Nichols who came to take photos of us enjoying ourselves and to help out with the day. We loved welcoming them to our school and hanging out with them.

What a day it was!! Kudzai started the day teaching the children some dance moves and everyone got involved, including the parents, teachers and other members of our community.

Our parents and caregivers are taking advantage of the programmes on offer for them, including working with Barbara from Sweat Nation


After that, ProBeatz taught the children some beatboxing which they LOVED!!! He taught them how to say ‘Boots Cats’ over and over and how this makes music. They all now wander around school saying ‘Boots Cats’. Anyone who wasn’t there on the day might think the kids are all a little bit mad but they just tell everyone that they are making music!

Each child got a chance to try out their skills at beat boxing!

ProBeatz made sure that each child had a chance on the microphone which was such fun. They thought he was the coolest thing ever and they got to sing the national anthem and lots of Jah Prayzah songs with him. They played music and danced until they were all exhausted but they had SUCH a fun day and we all can’t wait for these wonderful people to come back and see us again. Thank you to all of you for giving us such a happy time where we could learn and play and dance and sing. We are so blessed!!

We got so good at saying ‘Boots Cat’!!









What a great term we had…we can’t wait for the next one!!!!

TFP will be offering the children holiday school to go with the holiday feeding programme over the Easter break.  We want to make sure that our children are not left home alone while caregivers go to work.  We will offer them activities and fun so that they can carry on learning and playing all year around.  If you want to be involved in our holiday school or want to get involved with TFP in any way, please contact Jess at [email protected]