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September 2018

Tamba – To engage in sport or lively recreation; to exercise for the sake of amusement; to frolic.

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On Friday 31 August, Nadia, Macute, Cristel, George, Tamirira, Sheila, Arnold, Alex, Tadiswa, Sharon, Omega, Tavimba, Denzel, Faithful, Makanaka, Takudzwa, Mazvita, Prince, Anesu and Makanaka, 10 boys and 10 girls from our feeding scheme had the incredible opportunity to seriously TAMBA!!!

Josh Drake, from Ruzawi School, kindly invited 20 children from the Caledonia Rose Centre feeding scheme to join him and his mum Lucinda Drake, who owns Tamba Tamba, for a morning of fun and play.  Josh’s dad paid for the transport and Josh hosted the children supported by his sister, Bella, and his mum.  Josh came to meet the children at the bus and then led the way to the play centre where they played and played all morning.

Josh led the children into Tamba Tamba in preparation for lots of play and fun

Josh had such fun with the children, helping the younger ones through the various activities and enjoying the activities with the older ones.

Josh helped the younger children down the slides….

….and enjoyed the activities with the older ones.
















When they needed a break, Josh, Bella and Mrs Drake treated the children to a hot dog, chips and juice.  Josh ran up and down, serving every single child, filling up their juice glasses and ensuring that each child was happy.  He seemed to be having the time of his life along with the children.

Josh and Bella served the children their lunch and looked after them, making sure they had everything they needed


At the end of the day, Josh walked a group of tired but happy children to the bus and they all said goodbye after a wonderful, fun and energetic day thanks to a kind boy and his generous family.

Everyone climbed into the bus happy and tired after a most fantastic day as they waved goodbye to Josh and Bella!


Thank you, Josh, Bella and Mr and Mrs Drake for affording our children such an incredible experience, one we know that they will NEVER forget!


A new start but sad to say goodbye to Jess

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From November 2107 until May this year, we had the most wonderful time with Jess Lovemore as part of our team at TFP.

Jess brought with her a HUGE heart and a love for the children.  Her enthusiasm and bright spirit and joy followed her wherever she went.

Jess Lovemore loved the kids and brought so much to our center

While Jess was at TFP, we had lots of exciting adventures.  One of these was when ProBeatz came to visit us and brought with them their tricks of the trade that they taught to the children who loved every minute of their visit.

We all learned how to make music with our mouths!!!!

Barbara from Sweat Nation also came and spent time with us and taught us all about shaking our booties and having fun.

Jess spread the word about the Caledonia Rose Centre and one of her friends kindly gave us the most wonderful jungle gym.  We all play on it for hours and we have lots of fun.

So exciting to have a new jungle gym to play on

We are very late with this but to Jess, we just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for all that you brought to our center and we wish you so much happiness as you go on to YOUR next adventure.  We hope that you will come and visit us LOTS!!

Jess, thank you for all that you have done for TFP – we will miss you

We were so sad to say goodbye to Jess but are thrilled that she has ‘passed the baton’ on to Patience Chiyangwa who has already made much happen at TFP and at the Caledonia Rose Centre.  How blessed we have been to have these two amazing ladies as part of our family!

Handing over the ‘TFP’ baton – from one great lady to another!