2310 children fed this week!!

By August 8, 2020Uncategorized

We were restocking last week but we didn’t want to miss a single day of not feeding the children. We had spread out the existing stock as much as possible result in limited numbers of children fed. This week we began feeding less children as the notion of limiting was still lingering around until further into the week when we started reaching out to more children. We are excited that we fed 606 children on Friday much as this is sad for our country. We are strengthening extremely threatened if not closely to non existent food security in the Caledonia Community. It gives us utmost satisfaction seeing the hope on the little faces served with semolina porridge .The COVID-19 imposed lockdown is a nightmare for the marginalized Caledonia Community already reeling under difficult economic hardships

Monday 3rd August 380 children

Tuesday 4th August 390 children

Wednesday 5th August children

Thursday 6th August 542 children

Friday 7th August 606 children

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