We fed 3503 children this week!!!

By August 16, 2020Uncategorized

We continue feeding the children while it is most apparent that our scholars will not make it too school any time school, even anytime this year. It is a dream far beyond the wildest imagination for our community to even imagine the possibility of online lessons for our little ones. We wait patiently for the situation to get better and simply take each day as it comes with its blessings and challenges. Meanwhile the feeding need is rising and we are praying and trusting that we continue to rise to the occasion and be able to feed ALL the children that will come to the centre with semolina porridge. Numbers have almost doubled and over 600 children turning daily. It is indeed sad for our country and we are ever so grateful to the support that we are getting to meet the current but rising need. We are also grateful for the break of spring , temperatures warming up helping the controlling of the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Today we must also mention our pregnant young woman beneficiary who we did not deliberately include in our numbers. She is a go-getter and convinced us she gets her baby’s share until she delivers her baby who is due anytime soon. Yes we have been feeding the baby through our special beneficiary who has been daily joining the queue on our future bambino’s behalf!!!! Our feeding numbers this week were as follows:-

Monday 10th July 2020 – 642 children
Tuesday 11th July 2020 – 685 children
Wednesday 12th July 2020 – 700 children
Thursday 13th July 2020 – 725 children
Friday 14th July 2020 – 751 children

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