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We fed 2889 children this week

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Temperatures dropped on Friday and that could have possibly led to the decrease in numbers of children bracing the cold weather to come and receive their semolina porridge

Monday 17th August 500 children
Tuesday 18th August 525 children
Wednesday 19th August 624 children
Thursday 20th August 700 children
Friday 21st August 540 children

We fed 3503 children this week!!!

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We continue feeding the children while it is most apparent that our scholars will not make it too school any time school, even anytime this year. It is a dream far beyond the wildest imagination for our community to even imagine the possibility of online lessons for our little ones. We wait patiently for the situation to get better and simply take each day as it comes with its blessings and challenges. Meanwhile the feeding need is rising and we are praying and trusting that we continue to rise to the occasion and be able to feed ALL the children that will come to the centre with semolina porridge. Numbers have almost doubled and over 600 children turning daily. It is indeed sad for our country and we are ever so grateful to the support that we are getting to meet the current but rising need. We are also grateful for the break of spring , temperatures warming up helping the controlling of the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Today we must also mention our pregnant young woman beneficiary who we did not deliberately include in our numbers. She is a go-getter and convinced us she gets her baby’s share until she delivers her baby who is due anytime soon. Yes we have been feeding the baby through our special beneficiary who has been daily joining the queue on our future bambino’s behalf!!!! Our feeding numbers this week were as follows:-

Monday 10th July 2020 – 642 children
Tuesday 11th July 2020 – 685 children
Wednesday 12th July 2020 – 700 children
Thursday 13th July 2020 – 725 children
Friday 14th July 2020 – 751 children

2310 children fed this week!!

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We were restocking last week but we didn’t want to miss a single day of not feeding the children. We had spread out the existing stock as much as possible result in limited numbers of children fed. This week we began feeding less children as the notion of limiting was still lingering around until further into the week when we started reaching out to more children. We are excited that we fed 606 children on Friday much as this is sad for our country. We are strengthening extremely threatened if not closely to non existent food security in the Caledonia Community. It gives us utmost satisfaction seeing the hope on the little faces served with semolina porridge .The COVID-19 imposed lockdown is a nightmare for the marginalized Caledonia Community already reeling under difficult economic hardships

Monday 3rd August 380 children

Tuesday 4th August 390 children

Wednesday 5th August children

Thursday 6th August 542 children

Friday 7th August 606 children

1652 Children fed this week!

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1652 children fed this week!!
We had to limit numbers as we were restocking and needed to ensure we did not miss a single day of feeding. It turned out we managed to serve all the children that came out to be fed on Friday as parents seemed to have kept their children indoors in the lockdown because on this day, companies and businesses were closed with minimum movements in Zimbabwe. Looking forward to serving all the children coming to Caledonia Rose Centre next-week as we have restocked semolina porridge.
Monday 27th July 2020 – 350 children
Tuesday 28th July 2020 – 350 children
Wednesday 29th July 2020 – 352 children
Thursday 30th July 2020 – 350 children
Friday 31st July 2020 – 250 children

We fed 2337 children!!

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Well done to our team, Dorcas Sinambale, Memory Chinambale, Gladice Musona, Magness Bhasikolo, Ndagoma Shoko for ensuring the children are fed daily and for sewing masks in our skills development to give children who come to be fed without wearing a mask. You rock!!

Monday 20th July 2020 542 children
Tuesday 21st July 2020 505 children
Wednesday 22nd July 2020 526 children
Thursday 23rd July 2020 453 children
Friday 24th July 2020 351 children

We had to feed less children towards the end of the week to ensure continuity while making efforts to restock more semolina porridge.

Zimbabwe has once again gone back into close to Level 1 Lock down due to increased new COVID-19 cases particularly worrying local infections. Prior to this , majority cases were from returnees from abroad. We have heard to be on high alert due to information of on one of beneficiaries mother who returned from South Africa and bunked quarantine. Relevant reports have been made to ensure we curtail the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

1681 children fed this week!!!

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Monday 13th July 2020 – 235 children

Tuesday 14th July 2020 – 260 children

Wednesday 15th July 2020 – 330 children

Thursday 16th July 2020 – 380 children

Friday 17th July 2020 – 476 children

There is a woman with nine children (9) and four of the children are below eighteen years old. They are living with their very old grandmother and their mother is out in the rural areas living the grandmother to fend for her children. The children have lost too much weight, almost emaciated with shiny hair, sunken eyes and weak, exhibiting signs of kwashiokor. Will get their health checked and monitored including that of all the children to ensure we are achieving our nutritional and health goals for our beneficiaries.