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Progress in 2013

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2013 has been a year of a few setbacks but also some great progress for our work at The Foundations Project. We started off the year with a piece of land and a plan to have children learning and have ended the year with 25 children having attended preschool for 9 months with twelve of those going off to Grade 1 in 2014. Read More

Ending 2012 with a ‘small’ bang!

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We had a fantastic time on the 3rd December last year distributing cereal to 163 of the most vulnerable children in the area surrounding our plot in Mabvuku.  The cereal had been donated by Innscorr and we were able to ensure that each child received something to enjoy over the Christmas period (a few of them not actually sure what cornflakes ARE but quite excited by their packet.  How fantastic it would have been if we could have given them some milk to go with it.  Maybe next time!). Read More

2012 at The Foundations Project

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The end of 2011….

MUCH has happened since the last time we updated this blog and I do apologise for my lack of alacrity in this matter but as a one man band, I inevitably lose track of something!  But I am back on it now and 2012 is going to be a year when you all know what is going on and are kept up to date with the very exciting progress we are making! Read More

Building foundations

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Building foundations…with your own two hands
Welcome to the Foundations Project (FP) blog. This is a story written by me, a Zimbabwean girl coming ‘home’ after 15 years exploring the world and all it has to offer (well, perhaps not ALL but a small sample!) The story starts with the idea to set up pre-schools for orphans and vulnerable children; children who do not have the opportunity that I had to grow up in a country that was the bread basket of Africa; the freedom to learn and play in the knowledge that my parents would provide me with an education which would set me up with a future. Read More